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How To Become A Bootcamp Specialist


So, you are looking to become a bootcamp specialist personal trainer? That's a wise choice, and this article we will go through the reasons why bootcamp workouts are always popular, and how you can benefit from completing a bootcamp specialist CPD course if your dream is to run your own Bootcamp class.

Why Specializing in Circuit Training Is A Good Idea?

Many of the Bootcamps we see today are based on Circuit Training - which has been around the fitness industry from the moment group classes were first introduced - but applied in a military inspired way for cameraderie and higher intensity.

In fact, many popular fitness trends such as CrossFit training are an evolution of circuit training, so when specializing in this form of group exercise you’re sure to have lots of opportunities to diversify your training and apply it into different practices or disciplines.

Fitness clubs are always looking to hire personal trainers that have specialist qualifications on their CVs, and having one based on circuit training will certainly stand you in good stead.

Also, because the demand for group classes is so high, freelance trainers are also able to take advantage of the opportunity to offer bootcamp classes outside at local parks, which has been a great option during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Here are some reasons why bootcamp classes are always packed:

Create a specialist class for your target audience - All cardio, all strength or combine the two – the choice is yours! Offer subscriptions or termly classes and once your clients attend 2-3 bootcamp classes per week, they’ll begin to see progress in their cardio and/or strength

Engaging camaraderie - bootcamp activities involve various types of equipment and exercises, which makes classes very diverse and fun. Also, clients often share equipment and help each other, forming strong bonds between them, making them enjoy the class even more.

Diverse activities – bootcamp or circuit training can be done anywhere, not only at the gym. Parks, beaches, courts, if you have enough room and enough knowledge and creativity to organize a great workout, you will always have clients willing to participate.

How To Become A Bootcamp Specialist?

Circuit training was always popular, and it won't ever go out of fashion. But, because it is so widely spread, you need to do your best to stand out from the competition. One of the best ways to do just that is to complete a CPD bootcamp course.

Our Bootcamp CPD course will teach you how to create unique, well-structured bootcamp workouts your clients will love. We mix things up from the standard ‘stations’ split around the room and share ways to incorporate HIIT elements plus other techniques.

We will give you an enormous amount of ideas that will make your classes stand-out, and clients wanting to come back again. Many class structure ideas will keep your workouts fresh every time, no matter the amount of equipment you may or may not have at hand.


Our Bootcamp CPD course is an excellent option for any personal trainer who is looking to offer a Circuit Training based service in gyms or with private clients or classes.

Whether running a class on the gym timetable or running your own freelance Bootcamp business, having a specialist qualification will enable you to stand out from your competitors and with the increased expertise enable you to increase your price.

Your clients will be able to exercise at the local park, working on their fitness, while not risking getting infected. This will give you a steady income stream whether you can train indoors or have to go outdoors. Therefore, T2T bootcamp CPD is an excellent investment for both the short and long term.


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