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How To Become Ante & Post Natal Exercise Specialist Personal Trainer

In this blog, we will tell you how to become an ante & post natal exercise specialist and give you a few reasons why you should consider choosing this path. As you are about to see, investing in this kind of specialization will make you stand out from the competition instantly, giving you an opportunity to expand your freelance personal trainer business and tap into this niche stream of income.

Why Specializing in Ante & Post Natal Exercise a Good Idea?

Antenatal and postnatal workouts are not as widely spread as some other types of workouts, primarily because you only serve a relatively small part of the population - pregnant women, and those who have recently given birth. But that doesn't mean that becoming a specialist in this type of fitness is a bad idea, on the contrary.

Becoming an expert in this field will help you stand out from most other personal trainers. This type of exercise requires a specific kind of knowledge and expertise to keep mother and baby safe with the interpersonal skills to deliver the training, and not many trainers possess the skills required.

While many mothers may be search for 1:1 service, we are seeing a growing demand for Mother & Baby exercise classes. These classes are a hybrid of gentle exercise and socializing opportunities for women to meet other pregnant women, or other mums with their babies. With many often on their maternity leave, as a trainer it means you can offer classes during the day for nicer working hours (especially when compared with your 6am spin instructor!)

So yes, the niche is relatively small, but so is the competition. There are not many coaches who have this type of knowledge out there. This makes an antenatal & postnatal qualification a valuable asset for any personal trainer to have.

How To Become an Ante Natal & Post Natal Exercise Specialist

When training pregnant women or women who have recently given birth, you cannot take any risks for safety and a specialist qualification is essential.

We offer an Ante & Post natal CPD course that will teach you all the caveats of this unique type of training. It will give you ideas on how to structure your workouts, but also important cues that will help you determine when an exercise is not a good idea.

You will also learn more about the anatomical changes induced by the pregnancy, which will all help you understand your client's needs as they go through such a sensitive transition.

This course will teach you how to structure enjoyable and safe workouts your clients will love.

Once they go through this wonderful time in their lives, they may be open to continue working with you and hire you as their PT or join your other classes for regular fitness activities as well.


If your fitness calling is to help women transitioning through early motherhood to feel great through exercise, including helping their bodies prepare and recover from childbirth, then getting an ante & post natal specialist qualification should be on your list of professional development.

Whether you want to be able to help mothers on a 1:1 basis or to launch your own Mother & Baby class, our Ante & Post Natal Exercise qualification will equip you with the skills and expertise to keep your clients safe with this special type of fitness.


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